Everything went gray, and no one noticed. There were signs, attempts to draw attention to related problems, and a noticeable change in the tenor of discussions. It had all been drowned out by the irrelevancy and the din of the chatter piping in from the TV, though, so everyone just sort of ignored it.


‘At least it’s not so bright now,’ said one particularly loud voice, its tinny, hollow sharpness grating the nerves of the others in the room. Everybody ignored this and looked at each other in utter confusion: what now? It was always sunny.


This wasn’t supposed to happen. There were clouds blocking the sun, and no one here had ever seen this happen. They had learned in school about rain, snow, and the general concept of weather. But it had been generations since it had been anything other than warm and sunny here.


Someone turned on the TV, and what they heard churned their stomach juices into a nauseating froth. A sabotage of the regulator. Many casualties reported. Rain was to come, and all were asked to seek secure shelter. Loud voices, including what sounded like laughter, came muffled through the windows.


A young woman, distraught a moment earlier, was baffled by the sight of elderly people shuffling their way outside, chatting loudly as the skies continued to darken. What were they doing? Being out there was crazy. ‘Get inside, it’s going to rain! We don’t know what’ll happen!,’ she yelled. ‘Fuck off!’ came the reply. ‘We’re going to get wet, goddamnit, and there ain’t a thing you can do about it. It’s been so long…’